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Dark mode, better tags, and more

A roundup of all of the latest changes in Bloggi.

Design customization

The biggest and most requested Bloggi feature is finally here: design customization! You can now change the layout, fonts, and colors of your site with just a few clicks. Most website builders give you too many options. From giving dozens of themes to choose from (that you ne...

API and webhook

You can now use Bloggi as a headless CMS thanks to the new API and webhook features. In fact, my custom personal website is already powered it. The API lets you access the raw content you write in Bloggi so you can integrate it into your own projects. Check the API Reference t...

A new editor

While Markdown is a simple way to format text, it can have a considerable learning curve if you’re not familiar with it. And since I want Bloggi to be easy to use to as much people as possible—regardless of their technical background—having a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-...

Monthly plan

You can now subscribe to the Bloggi Pro plan on a monthly basis, for just $5/month. Subscriptions will now be automatically renewed (which wasn’t possible with the previous PayPal-only setup), plus credit cards and Apple Pay are now accepted payment methods. This is all handl...

Status update

I’ve been quiet lately—I recently started a new full-time job—but I’m still working on Bloggi on my spare time. I have some exciting new features to share in the coming months. But in the meantime, here are all the changes I’ve shipped so far in 2020: Custom home pages You ...


My goal with Bloggi is to build a really simple tool for sharing information on the internet. These are the principles that guide every decision I make about it.

Pro plan free trial

You can now try the Pro plan for free for 7 days! No credit card required. If you already have an account you can activate it from the subscription tab on settings screen. If you’re just signing up, just hit the “Start 7-day free trial” button. These are the other notable ch...

Link icons

You can now add icons to the links of your blog. There are symbols and brand icons for social media links. You can use them with or without a text label...

Profile pictures, image galleries, focus mode, and more

All the updates from the past week: profile pictures, focus mode, image galleries, image captions, and form styles.

The making of Bloggi

The full story of how I built Bloggi—from idea to launch to where it’s at today, including all the numbers, lessons learned, and what’s next.

All the new features

A recap of all the new features I've shipped since launching Bloggi.

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