Profile pictures, image galleries, focus mode, and more

These are all the updates from the past week:

  • Profile pictures
  • Focus mode
  • Image galleries
  • Image captions
  • Form styles

Profile pictures

You can now upload a profile picture or avatar that will be displayed on your blog’s home page. This is useful for personal blogs that don’t necessarily have a logo (although you can add both if you wish).

Profile picture demo
Profile picture demo

A more focused editor

Now, when you start writing, the editor’s top bar will disappear so you can focus on what matters. It will come right back when you move the cursor.

Focus mode demo
Focus mode demo

Also, the top bar is now fixed, so you can easily access it on long posts without having to scroll all the way up.

Sticky top bar
Sticky top bar

Image captions

Did you see that above? Now, when you specify an alt text for an image (![This text](...)) it will be used as its caption.

Image galleries

If you add multiple images together (on consecutive lines) they’ll group together forming an image gallery:

Form styles

Any HTML code that you include in your posts or pages will be parsed as such. I’ve now added styles for form elements so you can add forms directly in them (using external endpoints, such as Basin). Here’s an example contact form:

These will be styled according to the accent color that you choose for your blog. Here’s the same example with a different color.