API and webhook

You can now use Bloggi as a headless CMS thanks to the new API and webhook features. In fact, my custom personal website is already power...

A new editor

While Markdown is a simple way to format text, it can have a considerable learning curve if you’re not familiar with ...

Status update

I’ve been quiet lately—I recently started a new full-time job—but I’m still working on Bloggi on my spare time. I ha...

Link icons

You can now add icons to the links of your blog. There are symbols and brand icons for social media links. You can use them with or without a text label...

Profile pictures, image galleries, focus mode, and more

All the updates from the past week: profile pictures, focus mode, image galleries, image captions, and form styles.

All the new features

A recap of all the new features I've shipped since launching Bloggi.

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