Status update

I’ve been quiet lately—I recently started a new full-time job—but I’m still working on Bloggi on my spare time.

I have some exciting new features to share in the coming months. But in the meantime, here are all the changes I’ve shipped so far in 2020:

Custom home pages

You can now use a custom page as the home page and have the blog live on a separate /blog page. Look for this in the settings:


Highlights are now supported! Just wrap a word or sentence with == and they’ll be highlighted with your site’s accent color.

New icons

Added about 15 more brand icons to choose from on the social links navigation. If you need any that’s missing just let me know.

Date picker

Now you don’t have to type the date when you want to change or schedule the publishing date of a post.

By the way, the date picker is open source and made by yours truly (that’s another reason I was quiet at the start of the year).

Bug fixes

Among a bunch of other small bugs and improvements, I fixed an annoying issue where, while editing a draft, the auto-saving would sometimes fail. And another one where, when editing a published post’s settings (and if you were in certain timezones), the publishing date would be saved incorrectly.

Plans and pricing update

The Free plan allows unlimited posts again! And it now includes static pages and navigation (previously only available on the Pro plan).

Lastly, since this week, the price of the Pro plan has temporarily changed from $49/year back to its original price of $29 per year (at least I until add a monthly option).

That’s all for now. Stay tuned!