Design customization

The biggest and most requested Bloggi feature is finally here: design customization! You can now change the layout, fonts, and colors of your site with just a few clicks.

Most website builders give you too many options. From giving dozens of themes to choose from (that you need to figure out how to install), to letting you change all of the little details of a theme (which assumes everyone knows how to choose legible text colors or how to pair fonts).

In Bloggi there are (still) no themes. A theme is, in its essence, a combination of layout, typography, and color choices about how to present information. Bloggi boils these down to a simple set of options that you can choose from to make your site unique, with minimal effort.


In good web design, content comes first. That’s why the first tab you’ll find on the new Design section is Content.

Here you can change the basic information of your site, define the navigation, links, and the content of your home page, among other things. (All of these were previously found under Settings).

As before, the main layout will automatically adapt to the content you set (and now you can see it instantly on the new site preview!).


Not every layout can be derived automatically, though. Some people might have image-rich blogs, and others might be mostly long-form or short-form text. Well, now you have the ability to choose the layout that best fits your content.

Besides the default list layout, you can now choose from a feed layout (where the posts are displayed inline) or from a grid layout (ideal if all of your posts have images).


Web design is 95% typography, so this is probably the most notable new feature. You can now choose from a curated set of premium fonts and change the look and feel of your site to match your brand or personality.

You can set different fonts for the base content, main text, and headings. After choosing a base font, only compatible fonts appear for text and headings so you can be sure that any pairings you choose work well together.


Finally, you can customize the colors of your site. There are a few presets that you can choose from for background and accent colors, and you can also set custom ones.

There’s more to come, stay tuned. As always, if you have any comments or feedback please feel free to reach out.