Dark mode, better tags, and more

Here’s a roundup of the latest changes in Bloggi:

  • Bloggi has dark mode now! If your device is set to dark mode, Bloggi will automatically use a dark color scheme.
Dark mode!
  • On the Design section, now you can set a custom text color, change the home page layout, and set a custom title and tagline for the blog page (if you’re using a custom home page).
  • There’s a new Tags section where you can manage all of your tags.
  • And adding tags to your posts is a lot easier now. Instead of typing them manually as plain text for every post, now you get an autocomplete with suggestions of existing tags, and you can remove any added tags by clicking on them.
  • By default Bloggi uses the first image on your post for the blog feed and social media previews, but if that image doesn’t look good enough, now you can set a custom one!
  • Sites are better optimized for mobile now, including a brand new mobile navigation menu (if you have navigation links).
  • You can now export the data of all of your content (posts, pages, and tags) as a JSON file with one click.
  • You can now delete sites from your account, and if you ever feel that Bloggi is not for you, you can also delete your whole account.
  • There have also been a bunch of minor bug fixes and small improvements that I haven’t really kept track of.
  • More to come soon!