My goal with Bloggi is to build a really simple tool for sharing information on the internet.

These are the principles that guide every decision I make about it.1


Every aspect of Bloggi should be as simple as possible.


You own your work.

You can publish on your own domain. You own your relationship with your readers.


You can switch away from Bloggi at any time.

By using your own domain you will still own all references to your site. By having your own mailing list you will still own your relationship with your readers.

You will even be able to export all of your site’s files and host it elsewhere if you want to.


Anyone should be able to create a site with Bloggi, regardless of their technical skill or ability.


You control what you publish and how you publish it.

There will be easy options for anyone to customize their site to match their work, brand, or personality.

Professionals who need more control will be able to fully customize their site, or even use Bloggi as a headless CMS.


It would be nice to promise that Bloggi will be around forever, but none of us will be around forever.

That said, I do promise that as long as you’re paying for it, your site will remain online.

  1. Most of these are inspired by the IndieWeb principles